Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

SO! Monday was the last day of my internship and I must say that I cried like a baby, multiple times.  To be honest the tears started flowing the beginning of the week because just knowing that I wouldn't be making my daily commute to the station and just being around everyone was just not OK. I must say that I have learned so much from every single person, all the same, but different. I learned just how to be me with everyone.
As I have said before, when I got this internship I thought it was just going to be another class, you know? I expected just to go in, be taught something, get my task, and go home. I didn't expect to develop a relationship and learn such profound lessons.

It's funny, because when I look back at my spring semester, I remember panicking as my internship drew close. I was saying things like "O my goodness I don't want to ruin the station." "What if I press the wrong button?" I had  numerous fears and a clueless mindset as to what was in store for me this summer.  Now that it is over, man do I miss it.  Seriously this stopped being an internship a LONG time ago and it just started being life. What I have learned and experienced is beyond words.

I seriously want to say thank you to everyone at TheJoy FM. Thank you for teaching me, being there for me, answering my questions, and just being big brothers, big sisters, moms, and dads, aunts and uncles. Thank you for being family and teaching me love. You have played a significant role in my life and a huge part in my spiritual, personal, and academic growth.  My love for you is  HUGE seriously beyond words.
Monday I had a farewell lunch with part of my family and those who couldn't make it I already said see you later to. As I said before I cried like a baby, which was awkward for the guys, but they did what any guy would do when a female was crying, they cracked jokes, so I was laugh crying hahaa.  Yesterday, It was weird not waking up to the sound of my alarm, and today it's even weirder. I, however, find comfort in the fact that Monday wasn't goodbye. You see goodbyes are forever and these people, my family, are just too important and special for me to say goodbye to . So until I see them again, it is see you later.  <3  Plus there is always facebook! hahahaaa :-)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Satruday with Leslie aka the Latte Lady

So Saturday was AMAZING. I got to hang with Leslie while she did her thing. What is amazing is how God just seriously worked in her life and brought her here to The Joy FM. We talked a great deal about her journey to where she is now, and let me just say wow. She is truly one blessed person.  Being with Leslie was fun because we got to jam out to songs and seriously  I could relate to her on many different levels.
Her technique of being on air is different than others, because she is fairly new to radio. Watching Leslie reminded me of being in my broadcast delivery class because what she does is type every break she is going to do into Microsoft Word and practice how she is going to say it. She is really critical of her work because she wants it to sound great.
One of her mentors is Jayar, who has been her couch and friend for a while now. She is seriously appreciative of his coaching and opinion when it comes to her on air breaks. Leslie is really cool and down to earth. I had a blast on Saturday and I thank her for such a great time. Though the show ended at 8pm. Leslie and I went out for coffee which was amazing, because I ended the night with a new friend. Leslie has a lot of wisdom and when you mix wisdom with a down to earth personality, you just illuminate awesomeness. :-) So thank you Leslie for letting me distract you on Saturday haaaha and for the latte, and just for all around great conversation.

Well my next post will be about my last day, today. :-( For now that's it.


So Friday was great. I got to hang out with  Bill M. because Carmen was out and Dave wasn't back yet from his vacation. I  decided to come in and keep him company and just see what a one man show is like. It was really interesting to watch him do the show. Bill also let me run the motherboard! He allowed me to push the Friday Free For All button and then the play button for the next song. Standing behind the system is a bit intimidating at first, but once you get comfortable it isn't so bad.
The rest of the day I helped Luisa and Mary with some tasks which was fun as always and I got to actually spend some time with Donna outside. We talked a bit which is great, because things get so busy for her that besides a bit of conversation in the lobby, everyone is doing their own thing.  I also said bye to her on Friday, but it's OK we are face book friends now. hahaa. The day ended with me feeling really down, because I am going to miss everyone. Seriously, I didn't know my internship would have turned out this way. It's amazing. Friday  went pretty fast. All in all I am just happy that I was able to bring some sunshine and help to everyone. <3 Next post will be about my Saturday with Leslie!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday Surprise!

So let me tell you that yesterday was something else! I arrived at the studio at 9am and thought that all I would be doing is shadowing The Morning Cruise, BUT little did I know that I was going to be on air! I mean I sat there watching Bill and Carmen doing their thing and  then when a song came on Carmen was like Michelle we're getting ready to talk to you, and I am like ummm huh? haha I was confused but ready. They talked to me about my experience during this internship and about what I have learned, and they just had such kind words. I mean everyone here has been more than great to me and seriously as I said before I wish I could just let them know how much I love each and everyone of them. Like how do you fall in love with people in 3 months actually less than 3 months ? I mean seriously this is love that will last forever, this is not a summer love :-).
After being on the air, all of a sudden the door opened and Mama Mary carried in a box and a pretty bag with ribbons on it. In my head I am just like what's going on? Carmen said that since she wasn't going to be around  to say bye to me she wanted a little celebration of her own, and it was amazing. I was given a pink Vera Bradley bag for school with school accessories in it! And I just want to thank everyone for it! It is so great! There were also cupcakes involved from Carmen's favorite place Cakes by Ron. It was so delicious and so thoughtful :-( <3.  I am appreciative beyond words, beyond tears, even though I babbled like a little baby.  I said bye to her temporarily though, I am going to have lunch with her when she gets back from vacation.  Then Luisa gave me more accessories for my bag so I will always have some joy with me :-)
After crying and eating, and just everything, I helped Luisa and Mary with some things. You see, Carmen is going to Guatemala in September and she is bringing new shoes with her.  So this wonderful man who works with an organization called Beautiful Feet has offered to donate a pair of shoes for every shoes donated up to 12,000 shoes. So he donated 1,000 shoes already just to get us started and that is the project I helped Mary with. I helped her clean out the storage room, and then put the boxes inside. Bill M. helped me and before we knew it we were done!
This Shoe donation is really huge and amazing when you think about it. I mean this actually brings a community of people together for a great cause. I think we forget everyday how fortunate we are. I also we take for granted the things we have. I know I do. I mean we get into this battle of who has the best this or who has the biggest that, we forget that there are a lot of places that can't do that because they don't even have their basic needs; and if they do have their basic needs like water it is dirty, food is moldy and their shelter has holes in it. Yet here we are getting mad because the power went out and we are without TV for three hours, or we are mad because a small part of the meatloaf burned, yet there are children who would eat it still.  I mean these are just my thoughts  at the moment, just because of the turn society has taken. There is just this shallow outlook in todays world that just needs to be eliminated. I didn't mean to go on a rant, but...yea.....Carmen needs new shoes and I pray that she reaches her goal and beyond! That was it for yesterday! Live Laugh Love!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Goodbye

I said my first goodbye yesterday to Crystal and today I get to say bye to Carmen :-( Oy vey the goodbyes are starting. I really can't wrap my head around it right now. I get tired just thinking that in a couple weeks I will be on a plane and in a couple days I won't be setting my alarm anymore.   Boy it is crazy that as I wake up in the mornings, I think in my head that boy I have 3 more days, I have two more days, tomorrow is Friday? I don't know........................

Any who I brought in some great treats for the staff and I am so glad they enjoyed it.  Today was also a day that I got to shadow Dan and let me say wow he works hard. He does voice tracks for many stations and that is exactly what his day is filled with.  So he showed me his techniques (when to insert weather, promoting other shows, etc.) Dan is really funny and was really awesome to show me how to do voice tracks, so thank you Dan!  After shadowing Dan (o and did I mention I also shadowed the Morning Cruise :-) )  I went to the Post office.  The mailman came while I was shadowing Dan and so I missed him. I really wanted the things to be mailed to make it out ASAP so I just took them a block away. It didn't take long and I was glad to do so.
As I said I said bye to Crystal....................................*sigh* let me just leave it at that. :-(. Carmen and Kris helped me do another promo which was great. I like doing promos and this one I got to write myself.  I was proud of myself cause Kris said I did really well for my first time writing a promo for the station.
 It is amazing everything that goes on here. The people, the station, everything.....I know my mind is so random in this post, I am just trying to make sense out of it . It is hard because my mind cannot stop going forward to Monday! UGH! Lol but I am going to take it a day at a time. Jayar also did another bit with me which was cool of him. Cool is like a synonym for Jayar hahahaa. Any who that is about it...I will post about today's surprise later :-)


I don't know why I have neglected to post so far this week. I am getting so bad. So, I posted for Monday, let me see if I remember what I did Tuesday.....

I came in for the Morning Cruise and just watched Bill and Carmen do their thing on air. Dave is still on vacation so it was a person show. I really appreciated being their because Carmen and Bill gave me some great advice to take back to school and even after graduation.  It definitely was a great moment and I am thankful for the things that they said to me.  After that touching moment :-), I got to help Mama Mary with the posters for the shoe collection that is happening in the month of August...MAN I wish I was going to be here for that, but  I know it will be amazing because these people are pros.
As time boils down for me to leave, I am sad, but am  going through the motions and cherishing every moment. I've watched everyone do their job and go on with their day and I do feel blessed to be apart of that. It is a scary thought because not only am I wrapping up being here, I am wrapping up my college career and then out into the world I go.  It's scary I mean I was looking at the amount of classes I have left for the entire year and I have seven classes left before I am able to graduate (five this semester and 2 next semester) and I am a bit antsy as to whats next. I mean the economy isn't what it was 5 or even 10 years ago. A majority of people I know are graduating and then working in retail. Am I going to do retail with a bachelors in Broadcast Media? I know  I am being stupid and fearful but it has just been a thought that crossed my mind.  I have  God so I am not afraid or worried. I am so antsy that I am looking at yahoo jobs and for job openings already even though I know I have to start looking next year March/April? I don't know BUT that is it for now. Bye!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day in the studio with Jayar

Yesterday was really cool. I got to get the Friday Free For All packages ready for the mailman today. I have never truly explained Friday Free For All and why it is important, well why I think it is important anyway.  Friday Free For All happens,well, every Friday, and it is a chance for listeners to win the free giveaway item of the week. Now the item varies every Friday from tickets to an upcoming concert, Joy FM T-shirts, Cd's from various artists, etc.  The giveaway happens every hour from 6am-6pm and caller number 10 is usually the lucky winner. Now to why I think this important....FF4A is important because it connects people to the station. I mean, a person probably wanted to go to a concert , but wasn't able to afford the tickets or wanted a CD but couldn't afford that either. So FF4A gives them a chance to attend these events free of charge or get a CD from their favorite artist. This is also a way for the listeners to know that The Joy FM enjoys giving. I mean if The Joy FM could give to every single one of its listeners, they would, but now caller 10 every hour will have to do.

Anywho, got off on a little thought bubble, after helping with the FF4A, I got to sit in with Jayar from 3:30pm to 6:30pm and watch him work his magic.  Jayar is a father, husband, and really talented DJ and also just an all around cool guy.  I got to be on- air with him and watch him do his thing, which is seriously amazing. I mean the way he edits breaks and phone calls is crazy! He does it so fast, and believe it or not, without looking. He doesn't have to think about it, he just does it!! After being on air with him, I got to know the real Jayar, and not just Jayar the on air DJ.  I asked him how he got to The Joy FM and his answer was really profound, he looked at me and said "How did I get here? I drove." That's Jayar for you hahaa. After that, however, he gave me his history which is so AMAZING. I think I am interested in his journey here because I can relate to him a lot. Well not in my journey itself, because I am just starting mine, but just his psychology behind it.  His journey is filled with morals and learning experiences that I was happy he shared. I am happy to have gotten to know Jayar, because even though he does come into the studio every day, he has a lot on his plate and so I don't get to actually talk to him besides "Hi, how are you," and the random "brooklyn calls" from him. He was so busy that our first conversation was on the Summer Cruise. Haaha. Jayar is cool though and is constantly thinking about new and interesting things to do on air.  I appreciate him as a person and as a DJ because he thinks out of the box and is really open.  When I say open, I mean that it is really obvious that he loves his family. It is obvious that everyday he walks in faith and that he is able to laugh and have fun with things. Jayar is really unique in his ways. I guess I was really right in the promo I did with Krispy Kreme, Jayar is Jayar! For now, that's all folks!